A4 Clip Frame Lollipop Stand Square Base

This Light Duty steel Lollipop Stand with a square base, has an aluminum A4 Clip Frame which can be orientated portrait or landscape. These lollipop stands can be assembled quickly in minutes then after use be dismantled and packed away for storage or transportation. Well suited for road shows, department and merchandise stores.

  • A4 Aluminium Clip Frame (single or double sided)
  • Non Reflective PVC sleeve
  • Non Adjustable powder coated 1,000mm x 25mm round steel column, making the entire lollipop stand a height of 1,365mm from floor to top of clip frame
  • 250mm x 250mm x 5mm powder coated steel Square Base
  • Collapsible for easy storage/transport
  • Light Duty Indoor Use
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    A Perfect Blend of Durability and Convenience

    Our Light Duty steel Lollipop Stand features a square base that ensures stability and longevity. The aluminum A4 Clip Frame attached to it adds a touch of sophistication while serving as the perfect canvas for your advertisements, messages, or graphics. The unique feature of this frame is its ability to be oriented in both portrait and landscape formats, giving you the flexibility to tailor your display to your content.

    Assembly Made Effortless

    At IDS Design, we understand the value of your time. That’s why our A4 Clip Frame Lollipop Stand can be assembled in a matter of minutes, without the need for complicated tools or extensive instructions. Your convenience is our priority, so you can focus on what truly matters – presenting your message to your audience.

    Why choose IDS Design for your A4 Clip Frame Lollipop Stand Square Base

    Versatile Orientation

    Our stand’s aluminum A4 Clip Frame can be easily oriented in both portrait and landscape formats, providing flexibility to suit your content.

    Effortless Assembly

    Enjoy the convenience of quick and simple assembly, saving you time and effort for your advertising needs.

    Compact Portability

    After use, the stand can be disassembled and stored or transported easily, making it an ideal choice for various events and locations.

    Quality and Style

    IDS Design combines durability with elegance, ensuring that your advertisements or messages are presented in a sleek and professional manner.